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Midwifery Services

Prenatal Wellness 

During your pregnancy, we meet regularly make sure you and your baby are healthy. We take time to prepare for your birth, 4th trimester and answer any questions or concerns you have. We discuss what options you have around testing and ultrasounds.


Birth Wellness

During your birth, I come to your home and labor with you and support you give birth the way you choose. I come with birth equipment to make sure you and your baby are safe and healthy. I also have another licensed midwife attend the birth with me. 


Postpartum Wellness

During your recovery, I come to your home for postpartum appointments to ensure you and your baby are healthy and thriving. We do the optional screening and testing, support with breastfeeding, and more. 

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Hybrid Care / Montrice Care

Maybe home birth isn't for you, or you can't birth at home. But you want midwifery care. We would do all the same care, except you would birth in the hospital. Reach out to chat about details. 


Commonly Asked Questions


We accept PPO but not HMO.

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Birth Team

You will have one other midwife as part of the birth team. You will meet her prenatally, at your birth, and during some of your postpartum appointments. And I also recommend a doula to support you as well. 


We accept Venmo, PayPal, cash, card, FSA, HSA, and check.


 I have normal business hours M-F 9 AM-5 PM unless for urgent matters.

Supplies Needed

I bring you a birth box and all the equipment. The only things you need to gather are towels, and other household items, etc. 


In the event of transport, I will support you by phone and in person depending on the situation to make sure you are well supported.


We were extremely lucky to have Amber as our midwife during the pregnancy and birth of our daughter. She has a comprehensive knowledge of nutrition, yoga, and health that was a big help to me because it had been 8 years since my last pregnancy and I had forgotten everything! 

Amber has a gentle, comforting touch and a calm, confident demeanor, but most importantly she's a master of being present yet not intrusive during birth.

Immediately postpartum she was invaluable. I had water, I had my tincture, I had food, the baby and I were covered and warm.

We had a somewhat stressful postpartum period and Amber made it much, much easier. She had great tips that, even though I'm on baby #3, I had never heard before. She also came by to do extra weight checks for our daughter and was a big reassurance to us that she was gaining weight and everything was going fine. 

Amber is an asset to any birth team and I'm so glad she was part of ours. We will definitely work with her again.


—  Mary

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