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Flower in Sunlight

Pleasure is YOUR birthright

Flower in Sunlight


Are you here because you want to increase your intimacy with your partner, have more connection, and create more hot & satisfying sex?

Flower in Sunlight


Are you dating and trying to find the one but struggling? Are you newly single, and feel out of practice or still healing from your old relationship? Are you having a hard time getting over your last relationship?

Reaching Out

Kink/ BDSM

Have you wanted to explore kink or BDSM but you have felt too shy, ashamed, or timid to try? Have you felt too uncomfortable to share with your partner what really turns you on? Coaching one-on-one can be a great safe way to learn and explore. 


Dating can be daunting at times, in our one-on-one time together you will learn how to clarify what you want and what turns you on, learn the art of flirting, deepen your connection on dates, learn how to express your boundaries in a sexy way, and learn how to ask for what you want. Coaching with me is a great way to build confidence and feel supported while putting yourself out there.

Body Shame

Do you struggle to feel pleasure in your body? Have you felt shame or guilt about letting yourself feel turned on? Maybe this has been a life-long struggle, or maybe you have gone through some major life changes and/or identity and you feel unfamiliar with yourself. 


Relationships can be a lot. Most of us have grown up with bad examples and we don't learn relationship skills, therefore defaulting to bad habits as our relationship survival skills.  There can be built up resentment, different love languages and desires, and expectations. Learning to unpack and proccess what is yours and the other persons can be frustrating and overwhelming. Having a professional coach support you in processing what is going on, learn new skills to better communicate, and growing in your pleasure can be essential for your relationship.


Have you struggled with monogamy or you have always wondered if non-monogamous relationship dynamics were right for you? Exploring and finding your boundaries together in one-on-one coaching can be a safe and supportive space to learn what you deeply desire. 


For many of us, self-pleasure was never celebrated nor taught how to master these skills. Do you feel ashamed around masturbation or do you feel completely unfamiliar and uncomfortable around pleasuring yourself? In our coaching together, we explore ways to release shame and build pathways so you can give yourself the best pleasure possible.

Meet Amber

Amber is a Somatica Coach who has transformed her own life and intimate marriage through the skills she teaches. She always wanted deep intimacy and a loving relationship, but struggled to create it. By working with the Somatica® tools, Amber has increased her confidence and connection tremendously. As a midwife for many years, Amber witnessed so many unhappy couples and single women struggle to get the kind of love they desire that she decided that she wanted to become an intimacy coach and help those who want to create more fulfilling relationships. In her coaching, Amber uses the Somatica® Method, an experimental method that allows you to break old patterns, move beyond shame, and create hot, sexy relationships and deep meaningful connection.

Next Steps


Ready To Expand Your Pleasure & Intamacy?

Because you deserve it!

The biggest step is always leaping for yourself. I would love to gift you a free 15-minute phone call to hear more about what you are struggling with and how I can support you. 

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