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Meet Your Midwife

Amber Pearson CPM, LM has been supporting families for over a decade. She loves supporting families during one of the most intimate and vulnerable times of their lives. Every mother has a unique path through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 


My intention in working with families is to give them the resources and tools to navigate pregnancy, birth, and the first couple of years with as much ease, balance, and connection as possible. 



“ My husband and I are so happy we came across Amber's website to help bring our baby girl into this world. We were a little hesitant about doing a home birth at first, but after having a consult with Amber, she really put our minds at ease. Our appointments with her were truly wonderful! They were never rushed, she took time to answer all our questions, and provided great resources/information to allow us to make our own decisions on what we thought would be best for our family. Amber is very knowledgeable and passionate which made me excited and looked forward to all our appointments and classes. When my labor started, Amber was there at a moments notice and provided encouragement and tools to help transition through the difficult phases. I could not have imagined going through this life changing moment without her guidance. Our care with Amber didn't stop the moment our daughter was born. We had several postpartum appointments (which I can't stress this enough) were hugely beneficial. Her help postpartum is what allowed me to heal and not push my body past its limits. Everything was done in the comfort of my home which allowed me to get the rest I needed. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone looking to have a natural and personalized birth experience.” 

—  Jen

As a Licensed Midwife, we stand for individualized care. We want to serve your family so you can make informed decisions along the way and not feel pressured into medical interventions just because it is standard.  Our training is to support the physiological process and if an unlikely emergency arises, we are prepared. If at any time we see you and your baby are at risk, we have a discussion of what your options are in creating the best experience for you. 


Midwifery care is for you if:


You don't see birth as just a medical event.


You feel comfortable being in your own home.

You trust your body.

You want body autonomy.


You want to choose how and when to give birth.


You want to know everyone who is at your birth and feel comfortable with them. 

You want individualized care during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. 

You want to make informed choices for your family. 

Is Midwifery Care for you?

Expecting Couple

Is Homebirth Safe?

The best thing you can do is get informed. I encourage you to do your research. In California, we have a 30-70% chance of a Cesarean Birth when birthing in the hospital. And for some careproviders, it is even higher. In my years of experience, I have a 0-1% yearly cesarean rate and that is because our care is 100% different. 

Do Your Research!

Read this study of 500,000 women who chose to birth at home. The outcomes are significantly better than in hospitals and the risk of stillbirth, neonatal mortality or morbidity is not different whether birth is intended at home or hospital.

17,000 women chose to birth at home with midwifery lead care and the cesarean rate was only 5.2%.

MD associate professor of ob-gyn at Harvard Medical School explains why the cesarean section is so high.

Ready To Commit To Your Health?

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