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Mother Ritual

“Being home allows you to be in your natural environment and give birth the way your body knows best”

— Amber Pearson CPM, LM


It truly is such a joy to support families during such a beautiful and transformational time. 

My belief is birth is a natural occurrence, and I love to support families in their own homes to create a satisfying and safe experience. 

My first birth was witnessing my brother enter this world at home. And it truly was a peaceful birth and a beautiful birthday. Later, I realized how amazing that day was and how I wanted to support more families create that experience through midwifery. 

I have been supporting families through their pregnancy, birth, and recovery since 2012  and have supported hundreds of births around the world. As a licensed midwife it is my greatest joy to give families the tools to navigate welcoming their children into the world with more ease, peace, and love. 

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The care that Amber gave me through my pregnancy and after was more than I could’ve asked for. At every stage of my pregnancy she was thorough, insightful, knowledgeable, and warm hearted.
As a first time mom, she not only answered my questions during her at home services (yes, she comes to your own comfortable environment!), but was available over text message. She is extremely punctual in her practice, which is something that I value. Her approach to her practice is far beyond what you get at the hospital. As someone who has had a lot of terrible experiences at the hospital, Amber really eased my worries and concerns about birth. She took the time to understand my concerns, and helped me work through them. This is something that you will not get at the hospital. At one of my appointments she was there for almost two hours! She wants to get to know her clients, and it really shows.
Part of Ambers services is her postpartum care. Postpartum care is not only important for your baby, but for the mom. Amber offers 6 weeks of postpartum care for you and the baby. Not only does she check your physical health, but also wants to know how you are doing mentally. Again, you will not get this type of superior service anywhere else.
Amber helped me discover that my body is capable of having a home birth and that it’s not scary! There is no way I would have it any other way from this point on. If I have any more children, Amber will be my medical team.

Amber is one in a million, and such a great gift to the world!


—  Kelley

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