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“Being home allows you to be in your natural environment and give birth the way your body knows best”

— Amber Pearson CPM, LM


It truly is such a joy to support families during such a beautiful and transformational time. 

My belief is birth is a natural occurrence, and I love to support families in their own homes to create a satisfying and safe experience. 

My first birth was witnessing my brother enter this world at home. And it truly was a peaceful birth and a beautiful birthday. Later, I realized how amazing that day was and how I wanted to support more families create that experience through midwifery. 

I have been supporting families through their pregnancy, birth, and recovery since 2012  and have supported hundreds of births around the world. As a licensed midwife it is my greatest joy to give families the tools to navigate welcoming their children into the world with more ease, peace, and love. 

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