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Read and watch what other family's pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care was like. 

Serra's Homebirth

I am so glad I chose Amber to be my home birth midwife! From prenatal care, to my 4+ day labor, to postpartum care, me and my little one were so well cared for the entire time.

She is SO knowledgeable, patient, nurturing, present, and easygoing yet serious. She embodied all the qualities of a midwife that I could hope for, and a few others that I didn't even know I needed.

The recorded birth classes she shared with me (Covid times) were super helpful and answered most of the questions I had about birth. When I had more questions/concerns/fears he was always down to discuss them at length, which was something I did not find with some other birth professionals I spoke with.

When it was labor & birthing gametime, she was so on it, I knew that me and my little one were doing good the whole time, even when things felt really hard.

Choosing a home birth was something I wanted but was nervous about in the beginning. She helped me and my husband feel relaxed and confident that we were in good hands.

OK this is getting kinda long but I just can't say enough about how great my experience was with Amber and I'd choose it all over again!

Serra's Homebirth Story
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Serra's Homebirth Story


Veronica's Homebirth

I am very happy I choose Amber as my midwife. At each prenatal appointment, Amber answered questions, and sincerely wanted to know how I was feeling which is something I did not receive in the hospital during another pregnancy. At the hospital prenatal appointments, the doctor did not care about me as a individual, but just another patient, and they only spent 15 minutes with me. Amber would spend 45 minutes at a prenatal appointment with us.

I could not imagine giving birth anywhere else besides the privacy of my home with family. I got to share the experience with two sister in laws which are both doulas, and my husband. It was 3 long days of labor, but it was a amazing experience. Amber stayed all 3 days, and was hands on when needed. Amber really tried to stress the importance of figuring out who I wanted at the birth. I wish I had less people at the birth, but it was a learning experience.

Amber did an excellent job supporting my husband and I doing the first 6 weeks of postpartum. At each checkup, she weighed the baby, checked in with me regarding eating schedule/diet, healing & recovery, and if I had any questions and concerns. During one of the visits Amber noticed the baby was frustrated during breastfeeding. She recommended that we try fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds and ginger into a tea to increase milk supply. Immediately after drinking the tea, my milk supply was plentiful and my baby was happy all thanks to Amber.